Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I am STUCK!!!

I am between 4 pounds and 6 pounds away from being FIFTY - yeah that's right - FIFTY pounds lighter. Since we got back from vacation in July I have dutifuly tracked, walked, ridden the trainer, done basement aerobics and dreamed about running and swimming and I was making amazing process, but since Christmas I have been stuck. I am hopeful that getting onto my official half marathon training schedule in 2 weeks will help push it over the edge. That and not having any potato chips, holiday M&M's, hershey kisses, Cold Stone Ice Cream, Caribou Coffee or leftover pie in the house. I do pretty good with willpower and following a healthy diet but I have been really hungry since the first of the year. I like to blame the cold, but I suspect it is a combination of stress eating and my bodies "natural instinct" to preserve my weight in case my hunting or gathering options are reduced. Last night after a big bowl of broccoli soup (70 calories a cup) and half a roasted grapefruit with honey and ginger (so delicious) I did 30 minutes of basement aerobics, an hour of homework and went to bed. Brian is having oral surgery Tuesday and has been fighting a cold so we were down for the count!

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