Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Will Walk for Cupcake

I know - you aren't supposed to workout so that you can eat, or reward a successful day with sweets but we had a party at our house Saturday night - with REALLY delicious cupcakes and I wanted one. So I did a double work out yesterday, and ate really carefully the rest of the day so that I had enough calories for the cupcake. After lunch with Erik I took the dogs for an hour walk - we saw a lot of other dogs out so I got an arm workout at the same time. After dinner (vegetarian hominy pot pie and a heaping bowl of brussels sprouts) I spent more time with my textbook and then did 30 minutes of aerobics in the basement. It is SO nice to have a few 50 degree days in January with plenty of sunshine to improve my outlook and wear out the basset hounds!

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