Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How We Met a Bulldog Named Chuck

Yesterday when I got home from work the sun was out and the weather looked to be fine for walking dogs. After a funeral visitation and a long day at work it was a great chance for me to have a few minutes with God. We set out for our usual 3.5 mile loop and during the last 10 minutes found a lovely English bulldog named Chuck. At first we thought he was out with a jogger and just happened to be off leash, but then she passed him and he looked at us with interest and determination. After looking both ways he crossed the street and joined our walk. I was nervous because both Cache and Root have a lot of trail anxiety but since he was about their size (just a little fatter) they didn't mind him walking with us. Soon his owner raced out of the house full of apologies and calling his name. While I had planned to start the Tracy Anderson series I still needed to make dinner and do lots of reading for class, and a walk is good exercise, especially dragging the two of them. Hopefully I can work out with Tracy on Thursday.

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