Monday, April 28, 2014

Arts and Theater Weekend

This weekend was our "relaxing weekend" before the half marathon. Friday night we went to a celebration of life for a few beers. Saturday morning I got out for my five mile run before the wind picked up. I ran from our house to Antelope Park non-stop and then Brian took me to the Kiwanis pancake and French toast feed. After I got cleaned up he took on chemical treatments at all three houses and my mom and I went to the Durham museum in Omaha to check out the 1968 exhibit. After a quick dinner at our house we went to Brian's cousin Sophia's dance recital (I can't believe she is a senior in high school!) and then stopped and rented Last Vegas on the way home. If you like a funny, clean, movie it is a total winner. Sunday morning I had plans to walk the dogs but woke up to thunderstorms. After church and lunch we went to the Church Basement Ladies - A Mighty Fortress is our basement for some much needed laughter and took the dogs for a nice long walk after dinner. It's hard to believe it is only 6 days till the half marathon. I have done 100% of my training runs, but the thought of 13.1 miles looms ahead of me with a certain amount of terror. I have to remember to run with my lungs, to not let fear get the best of me, to walk through water stations and take a Gu break every 3 miles. Hopefully it will work as well as it sounds!

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