Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Zero Tolerance

It's kind of odd, my patience is drawn thin right now with a large number of things. A year ago we made the decision to leave the bell choir - the new director and I just have very different ideas on how he should direct, I feel like as the director it is his job to count, he feels like he can just swing his arms around and make weird motions to "cue" people to ring their bells. I also prefer to play music as it is written, and not improvise, and he prefers improvisation. A year later I am still completely annoyed by him. As a "true confession" every time I see him I have to resist the impulse to flip him the bird. Honestly, I continue to think that we will leave our church if they are committed to keeping him. Yesterday I worked a full day, made dinner, did laundry and walked the boys. Their behavior on walks some days is TERRIBLE, last night they were full of energy and anxiety and we had to change our route a few times because they were becoming out of control. After a full evening of getting things done at home just as we climbed into bed for the night the phone rang at 10:15 with a call from the neighborhood association so that Brian could make copies of the maps for the garage sales this weekend. Honestly, if there is an emergency and something is happening in the neighborhood and they need the treasurer or president or whatever then call in the middle of the night, but if it's about maps, or signs, or renting a dumpster - don't call after 10. Hopefully today is better and I can see the sunny side of life again....

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