Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Routes, Old Routes, Sore Quads

Yesterday afternoon I needed to take our new Highlander for an oil change so I slipped into my running gear, dropped it off and did a 3 mile loop combining the cemetery and the trails along 14th street. As I have mentioned a million times before I would rather run uphill than downhill. The downhill’s wear my quads out. I did pretty well on the uphill but had some problems with my legs being faster than my lungs a couple times during the route. In addition, there was a long graveside ceremony so I had to slip across the grass a few times to keep from interrupting the service. I'm never sure what to do when I come across a service in the cemetery. I like that people are using the space like a park, respecting the families who are visiting, thinking about the people who are laid to rest there and I think there is less risk that people will do harm to the cemetery if they see people there regularly. At the same time, it's hard to see someone out having a "normal" day when you burying a loved one. I generally take different paths to avoid the burial. While I could definitely use a different route, there is a part of me that loves having the cemetery close.... I wonder what other people who run in cemeteries do, and how families feel about it. After my run I hit the showers and Brian and I went out to dinner at Greenfields - and it was MEH and then we walked the dogs and did housework. Looking forward to Easter weekend!

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