Monday, April 21, 2014

Emotional/Mental - I Wasn't Really Ready!

Thursday after work I pulled on new running shoes and hit the trail for a four mile run. It was great during the run and I felt pretty strong. As the evening wore on, and we walked the dogs I had a little tenderness in my right foot and Friday morning my ankles were both sore. Friday I got off work early, finished cleaning house and did some food prep. After lunch with Brian I scrubbed the dogs down and took them for a walk. Roo Roo is having some skin issues and we aren't sure what the source is so we're ruling things out. I think the next step will be changing his diet. Saturday morning was my last 5k before the half at the Donate Life event. It is a great cause and they had really nice swag, but the run was disorganized with runners and walkers starting together. I had to work really hard to get through all the walkers but I ran non-stop for the entire event and stretched out good before we headed home. If I keep running I'll give this event a few more years before I go back. The park is beautiful but it needed more planning. Saturday night we had Brian's brothers, parents and grandparents over for dinner. Everyone got plenty of food and we're working our way through the leftovers. Sunday morning after the sunrise service and breakfast at church I slipped on my running shoes and clothes for my last long run before the half. I did 10 miles from church to our house with a pretty strong wind out of the south. With running Saturday and Sunday back to back I knew that I would have some fatigue. The first 3 miles were rough but I muscled through and the next 3 were easy. Brian met me at Shopko, I chugged cold water and did another Gu before the last 4 miles. Mile 7 was really good but around the end of the 8th mile I started to feel really worn down. I tried some Honey Stinger blocks and got my hands all sticky and felt so sweaty I didn't want to finish... so I walked about half a mile and then made myself run another half mile to get into the cemetery. I knew that Brian would be waiting for me and I really wanted to finish but my legs were spent so the last mile was run a little walk a lot and then I forced myself to run the last third of a mile. After the run I stretched REALLY good, hit the shower and sucked down Chinese food before camping on the couch for the rest of the day. Erik and I watched We're the Millers and Despicable Me 2 and enjoyed an afternoon together. Today he'll head back to campus and get ready for finals. I can't believe it's the end of his sophomore year in college!

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