Monday, April 14, 2014

Rip and Tear

Thursday I woke up with a brighter outlook and had a pretty good day! We have officially sold the Caliber and plated the Highlander. After our deacons meeting I ran from church to 48th and Hwy 2 where we strategically left a car. When I got home I got through housework and tried to get us ready to leave for the weekend. Friday morning we finished packing, walked the dogs and headed for a race in Davenport, Iowa. It was a REALLY fun weekend. We slept at Brian's cousin Barbara's house. If you are looking to buy in Davenport speak up because Barbara's house is BEAUTIFUL! She did all the work and it's like stepping into a professionally designed space. Friday night we went to dinner at a local Italian place and I feasted on veggies, marinara and a thick topping of mozzarella cheese. After dinner we took a walk on the sky walk to nowhere and then crashed out on the air mattress. I had nightmares about getting lost on the race route so I worked hard to stay with the group! Saturday morning when we got to the race start I was feeling pretty good, stretching, drinking water, taking my GU - all the regular pre-run stuff. Within the first 45 seconds I felt a pop in my right calf but I decided to keep going and see how it did. I'm pretty sure I have a minor tear to the calf muscle. I have a small bruise and a little soreness but I was able to spend the rest of the day Saturday walking and did an hour on the trainer last night after we got home. The run Saturday was called the Bandits Race to Home and it's a 5k to support scholarships for high school students from Davenport attending an Iowa college. They raised $13,000 with Saturday's event. At the end of the race the runners cross home plate and are treated to beer and hot dogs. It was a nice route (with three bridges) and it was cool to see the Mississippi river and the pelicans while I was running. Even better - I trimmed a full minute off my time from the Diva Dash! PR indeed!

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