Monday, April 7, 2014

Rest - Run - Rest

Friday after work I got home and dove into some housework before taking the dogs on a long walk to pay the cable and gas bills. Because of trail construction we had to extend our route and ended up going a little over an hour. They were worn out and it was a beautiful spring day. My mom and Roger were out of town for the weekend so we also took care of her dogs. Saturday morning we got up early to do communion prep and then I ran home from church. 9 MILES!!!! My official time was 2 hours and 3 minutes so I had another very consistent run. The first three miles I felt a little overwhelmed and I was annoyed by the wind in my face but once I headed west and started thinking about how far I have come the last 8 weeks I felt pretty inspired to finish strong. I won't lie, there were plenty of runners who passed me on Saturday, but I finished and it was very empowering. Sunday we spent the entire morning at church and then gave the dogs baths and took them for a walk to return the Wolf of Wall Street. While I'm sure that it was true, the movie was very intense and kind of gross. I won't watch it again, and it's nothing that you can watch with kids. Overall it was a nice weekend. I feel really non-productive being out of school and it has been hard to tire my brain out and sleep. I've been having lots of funny, vivid dreams. While I will begin studying for certification very soon I am looking for something else to challenge my brain before I start a new job!

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