Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wind and Rain Training

I confess - I have been a little bit of a wuss about wind and rain training. I know that you are supposed to run outdoors in all types of weather so that you are ready for whatever might happen the day of the half, but inclement weather sends me down to the basement to run with the basset hounds and my Black and Yellow Pandora station. Yesterday after 11 hours at work all I could think about was getting exercise, food and sleep. I changed into my running clothes, did a quick update for work and hit the pavement. My run felt AMAZING! I kept thinking about how good my times were going to be, my legs felt good and my lungs were energized from the exertion. When I got to the end I actually thought about running an extra mile, but since its taper week I decided that rest would be important. Imagine my disappointment when I pulled out my phone to find I was a full minute slower than my average. In my defense, there were 22 mile an hour sustained winds out of the Northwest and I ran the first two miles into the wind. When I get home I enjoyed a hot shower and then Brian and I hit Red Robin for dinner with a gift certificate from our Bachelor's graduation party =) I think this is the first time we've been there since before we were married. I had the Burnin' Love chicken sandwich, fries and 2 Blue Moon's to celebrate go-live of my big project at work. When we got home we checked out a few bike and run events coming up and today Brian will get us registered for a few things. I was asleep as soon as I hit the bed. With the half 5 days a week I feel a little nervous so I'm working on my race mantra. Something along the lines of - all I have to do is finish, I'm not racing anyone, and this is what I spent 12 weeks training for!

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