Wednesday, June 4, 2014

30 Day Ab Challenge

I'm not on Facebook so I live vicariously through Brian's. Last week Brian brought home a calendar with a Facebook challenge for 30 days of ab workouts. He wants to do it to improve his cycling, I want to do it to re-strengthen my abs and Erik wants to do it so that he has a crazy hot body - and an amazing core for football. We finished the third series last night and even though it looks like it should be pretty easy my abs are seriously burning when we get done and I still feel a little tender the next day. Hopefully it will work for all of us! Yesterday I got off early and met Marche for lunch, and then went to Sam's to get a few things for Erik and a few things for church. When I got home it was hot and windy so I took the dogs for a quick walk, ran two miles in the basement and lifted with Erik after dinner. I'm still trying to get caught up with some of the Tri Training workouts that I missed. Hopefully my bike is fixed soon. I'm thinking about riding my cruiser in the interim - we'll see how ambitious I actually am!

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