Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mowing - CHECK

I thought about naming this post "hot and wet" but that might get the blog the wrong kind of attention! Yesterday after work I mowed all three houses - in a little less than three hours. With a heat index of 103. In JUNE! It is good to have them done for another day and Brian's mom even reached out and said thank you last night. This is MAJOR for me! After I got through the yard work I finished watering, jumped in the shower, watched a little television and got things together to drop off for the Pilger tornado survivors. We had two bags of BARELY used bath towels and wash cloths so they are now on their way to help out people recovering from 75% of the town being destroyed. Today is going to fly by at work - and tonight Brian will be home for a meeting at church before heading back to camp tomorrow.

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