Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sucking Sucks - Run Faster

My 5k Saturday was disappointing and embarrassing. My calf was SUPER sore, which I wasn't expecting, and since I haven't committed much time to my running I didn't have a great pace or cadence. I was among the LAST 10 to finish the race. So that can never happen again, and it was my WORST race time by 5 minutes. To remedy that I need to recommit to my runs and work harder on the non-stop aspect again. Saturday after the run we prepped food for Sophia's (Brian's cousin) graduation party and got ready for communion. Sophia's party was fun and completely packed with people. We did take a little break and hit a few of the small antique stores along 17th Street and I fell head over heels for some succulents - now I'm trying to decide if I should go back and buy a few. In the evening we went to another grad party and were surprised by Nitro Burger and Heoya - what a fun and delicious way to celebrate! Sunday we had lots of church followed by lots of yard work and evening storms. Monday was a VERY stressful day at work. Once I made it home I unwound by planting and cleaning off the deck at my mom's and weeding at home. After dinner Brian and I headed out for a planned long ride (18 miles) but I got a new seat over the weekend and it wasn't in total agreement. I had a lot of wiggle and eventually stopped at the bike shop where they ordered a shim to fix the problem. Hopefully it will be in soon. We rode 12 miles and this morning my sit bones and rear end are pretty sore.

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