Wednesday, June 25, 2014

There Was No Rain

The weatherman yesterday was pretty iffy, and the weather channel app on my phone didn't get me a strong opinion either way so I had to play my day by ear. Prioritization is an important part of life! Yesterday I got off at noon and met a friend for lunch at Las Margaritas. It was so nice to relax, chat and inhale a plate full of Mexican goodness!!!! After lunch I mowed at my mom's, did supplemental watering at home, rode the quick 6 (I'm in 303rd place for the national bike challenge), walked the dogs and did July birthday cards while I watched (you already know right?) the Denver qualifying round for American Ninja Warrior! It was a great episode with a woman making it to the end of the course. I think I might be addicted, which is really funny because I am totally afraid of obstacle courses. Brian arrived safe and sound in Paducah and I have a lot of hope that he'll find the right job in the company =) Unfortunately, the hotel made an error with his dates - so he isn't staying where he wanted to stay - but was at least able to find a room close by! Today will be a whirlwind with major typing and meetings.... still so excited about my new job, but much to do before I move over!

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