Tuesday, June 24, 2014

We Let Our Hair Down - Once the Chores Were Done

I'm still on cloud nine with news about my new job. I love what I do know, and being an assistant has been a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow, but it's time to use my Masters Degree. Yesterday after work and a few errands I mowed MOST of our house (until the mower ran out of gas) while Brian mowed at his parents. Then I went over to Cooper Y for a 30 minute session with the weight machines. I am trying hard to be committed to lifting twice a week, I know it will make a difference in the way that my body processes nutrients, burns calories and helps me in my other physical activities. If it wasn't so monotonous I'm sure I would like it more! After lifting I went home and hit the showers and then Brian took me to the Parthenon to celebrate. We used to go ALL the time when we were very first dating. It was DELICIOUS with saganaki, falafel, and HOMEMADE ice cream!!!! The rest of the evening was spent getting Brian ready for his trip to Paducah for training. Today I have an exceptionally long to do list at both work and home so we'll see how far I make it!!!

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