Thursday, June 12, 2014

Looking Forward to a Break

Our summer has been pretty hectic!!! Erik is home but did a week of vacation bible school and then has a few major church commitments in June. In addition to that, Brian is helping on the APNC group at church to get us two new associate pastors (the first one is hired and in), getting scouts ready for camp and doing a lot of traveling for work. It is now 5 weeks until we leave for vacation and I told Brian last night while we were walking the dogs that once things are back to "normal" (I'm not sure what that will look like exactly) I am taking an entire week off from household responsibilities at home including dishes, mowing, cooking, cleaning toilets, running errands, etc. The last several weeks I have been taking it all so that the other outside tasks can get done and, while I don't mind it on the "short run"; I'm getting pretty worn out from full time work, training and 100% of the house chores, and our parents’ outdoor work. Last night after work I started the sprinklers and Erik's last load of laundry, made dinner, did dishes, ran to Target to get the rest of the things he needed for his trip, packed his suitcase, walked the dogs and did the 30 day ab program before falling into bed at 9:40. This morning when the alarm went off at 3:30 I thought I had hit a time warp! Hopefully we can get a little rest between rides this weekend!

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