Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Grass Is Always Greener

On the other side of the snow fence! Our sod was finally dry enough to cut and lay! Yesterday after Brian's appointment with the oral surgeon we went home and got to work. I helped to rake up the back yard and spread out the first 800 pounds of dirt and then Erik and I hauled sod from the Highlander to the deck. While Brian got everything rolled out Erik and I headed to Lowe's for another 400 pounds of dirt and 25 bags of mulch. When we got home we helped to get the rest of the dirt spread down in the lowest corner of our yard and Brian finished rolling out the sod while we heated up dinner. After a delicious dinner of leftover pulled pork (Kelle Lambert rocks my world!) I headed out with the dogs for an hour walk while Brian adjusted sprinkler heads and put up the snow fence to keep the dogs off the new sod. When I returned Brian drilled 80 holes with our fancy lawn auger and I planted all the grass plugs. We decided all that work deserved a beer before doing the dishes and cleaning up tools, empty bags and dirty cars. Now all we have to do is water 2-4 times a day and pray for rain!

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