Friday, June 20, 2014

Two for One

Wednesday after work I raced home to see Brian and our crazy Basset Hounds! Brian has been at camp all week but got a one night reprieve for a meeting at church Wednesday night and a funeral first thing Thursday morning. Lucky for me the meeting was cancelled. We feasted on Pizza Hut and talked about some diet and exercise changes that Brian is going to be making. He has hereditary high blood pressure and his diabetes is starting to ramp up, so it's time to get a little more control. We will probably blog a little more about his life changes and challenges. After dinner I jumped on my bike for my Wednesday "long ride" and ended up stopping quickly at the Bike Rack. My new seat has really been hard to adjust to, so I decided it was time to ask a professional. The guy at the shop took the challenge and told me that my seat has three positions, perfectly level, slightly down and slightly up. I had been riding with it slightly up and knew that was a match made in hell. Slightly down put way too much pressure on my arms and wrists so perfectly level was the winner. I'm not sure it is exactly straight but we can play with that some more at home. The ride home was AMAZINGLY comfortable and I'm so glad I took it in! After I got home we watched some television and Brian got things done so that he could go back to camp. Thursday I took the day off work so that I could get my mom to the dentist for an implant. That means that my entire family has been Dr. Zysset this year - I should ask for a coupon or discount =) Before the appointment I got up early to make chicken noodle soup for my mom and cut up watermelons for the scouts. After my mom's implant was done I went to her place and did dishes and cleared off the counters, then laundry and then went home for a few minutes. In the afternoon I went back to her place and planted the rest of her perennials, made a new flowerbed, spread some mulch and weeded two of her flower beds. It was hot and exhausting but SO worth it. After a shower and dinner I took the dogs for a short walk through the cemetery and lifted weights at Cooper. In the evening I was a SNACKING MACHINE so I finally had a baked potato, brushed my teeth, put on my pajamas and watched TV in bed to get away from the temptation!

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