Friday, May 9, 2014

Hungry, Lazy, Tired

I keep thinking that some of the fatigue from running the half will just evaporate on its own. I have blamed allergies, running, spring, long days at work and even a few unseasonably warm days but I am just zapped! Yesterday I got off at 2:30, picked up Mother's Day gifts, walked the dogs, went out to dinner for Brian's brother David's birthday, went to the deacons meeting, come home and cleaned for an hour, planted myself on the couch for 30 minutes and crashed at 9:30. This might seem like a full day, but I skipped my run, didn't make it to the store for cards and still have to make a trip to pick up one last Mother's Day gift. This weekend I'm going to try to balance rest, cleaning and exercise so that hopefully I feel more on top of the world next week - when I officially start the training program for my triathlon!

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