Monday, May 19, 2014

I'm Just Not Feeling It

This is the second week of Iron Girl training and I'm off the training schedule already. In my defense Friday afternoon I mowed at my mom's and then felt CRAZY sick the rest of the night. I had terrible belly pain, nausea, cold sweats and thought for a bit that I might pass out. Since I did yard work before my work out I missed my bike ride, weight lifting and the swim that I deferred from Thursday. Saturday I participated in the Wear Yellow Run at Ashland (what an AWESOME event) and then we did 3 hours of tree work and weeding at my mom's before celebrating Roger's birthday dinner. I was scheduled for a swim and ride Saturday and a run Sunday so we just flip flopped the days. Sunday morning Brian and I rode in the first Bryan Bike Bash and Erik volunteered at the refreshment table. It was a BEAUTIFUL day and a really nice ride. I got to ride sweep for my first time ever - it was harder than I imagined. The rest of Sunday was spent on yard work, a graduation party, getting Erik back to campus and then going to bed early. I skipped my swim. Again. I am sure there is a really good reason to do training back to back in the order on the schedule. I just haven't got the logistics down yet. I'm planning to do another two weeks on the Iron Girl schedule and try harder to dedicate to it, but if it still feels super clunky I might try to re-write something that works better for our life. Like a long run, a long swim and a long bike day, two days of combined, one day of rest, and one day of yoga and strength training. I want to have a great first event, but I also need to be totally invested in a training program that works well in my life.

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