Tuesday, May 27, 2014

We Keep it Hopping

Friday Brian and I left Lincoln at 8 to bring Erik back to Lincoln for the summer. It was a good trip home with lunch at Jethro's on the way back! Friday night we took the dogs for a walk but I skipped the rest of my training. Saturday we hosted a brunch at our house and then spent the rest of the day trying to get caught up on life. The dogs got a nice walk, Brian and Erik hit graduation parties, I had a nice bike ride and skipped my swim - again. Sunday morning Erik and I went to church and Brian headed out of town for a meeting. It was a rest day on the training schedule and I spent a LOT of time on the couch. We tried for a walk after dinner but the storms were trying hard to roll in. Monday morning we went out to visit cemeteries with Brian's aunt Nancy - it was a BEAUTIFUL morning and we finished with a church lady luncheon in Nehawka. In the afternoon I lifted weights with Erik's, weeded a flowerbed at my mom's, had dinner at our house and took the dogs for a short walk. All in all it was a good weekend - training, family time, yard work, house cleaning and rest time.

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