Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Respecting the Crosswalk

Seriously - I am becoming a little old lady - before my time. I have always had a strong appreciation for dinner at 4:30, but this year I yelled at a kid for walking across the grass, got after a neighbor for calling after 10 and last night I yelled at a lady who cut me off in the crosswalk. In front of the Y there is a roundabout - with traffic coming in, traffic from the Y, traffic from the library and traffic from the parks/trails/soccer and baseball fields. The lady was so busy looking at the roundabout she never looked for pedestrians or cyclists on the trail (a SUPER busy trail) and drove into the crosswalk to look for traffic. In a snotty voice I said "thanks" and she said you're welcome and then I yelled the B word. In my defense I had a long and hectic day and I was a little annoyed with the world by the time I got on the bike. After our ride we took the bassets for a short walk and then I zipped to the Y to get my lifting in - which means I got ALL the workouts for the Tri Training schedule yesterday. Today is a swim and a run but I have a LOT of other things to get through so we'll see how it goes!

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